Hey Babes.

Lets chat!


Hello, hunny bunnies! I would love to get some feedback on our session together. I so enjoyed getting to spend time with you and can't thank you enough for being part of Volume One in this project of mine. 

I would love to extend an invite to each of you to take some time and post your favorites to the private Facebook group with a story or experince you've had with your body image. I want this group to be a space to uplift each other and would love for you all to feel comfortable kicking it off! 

Let's do this!!

Please be honest! I want to make this an incredible experience for all so you won't hurt my feelings!
How do you feel about the 30 time frame?
Would you have liked an option to add makeup?
Would you book another session in the future?
Do you mind if I share photos on my website and/or social media?
Please reach out with more specific requests/ideas
Insert a review here and if you feel so inclined, my Facebook page too (you can copy and paste!) Link Below.